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Level Up

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Meet Brett

Before Shift

MOS # 15C35, Military Intelligence Aviation Officer

After Shift

Chief-of-Staff to the CRO, Affirm

Brett joined a fast-growing technology company for his fellowship and as new roles opened up he was quickly promoted twice within his first year.

Featured Fellowship, Operations Associate - Operations

Better is seeking military veterans to fill a crucial role, recognizing the adaptability and strong communication skills that are learned during military service.

The Opportunity

A customer-centric operations role helping people through the exciting process of securing a home loan. Quickly become an expert in a new industry as an integral part of rapidly-growing technology company, setting yourself up for professional growth and career advancement.


Better is laser-focused on building a team of creative problem-solvers by bringing a wide variety of experience and diverse backgrounds to the table. Work with an amazing team, earn great pay/benefits, and help build a thriving, high-performance culture in a high-growth environment.

Amazing perks team members get free lunch, dinner, and snacks. Every. Single. Day.

Selection Criteria

All ranks are encouraged to apply, though members with 3-5 years of experience will be leveled most appropriately for this role.

Eligible ETS Dates

All 2020 ETS dates. Direct hire opportunities are available for veterans as well.


NYC, Oakland, Orange County, Charlotte office

Currently Hiring Shift Military Fellows


Meet Marilyn

Before Shift

MOS # 92Y, Unit Supply Specialist

After Shift

Customer Success, CarDash

Marilyn used her fellowship to rapidly understand a wide variety of roles in the tech industry and landed a full-time offer in Customer Success.

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Meet Meredith

Before Shift

MOS # 1320, Naval Flight Officer

After Shift

Account Executive,

Meredith translated her ability to understand technical specifications into joining as an Account Executive, a role that typically requires significant prior experience.

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